Holy Trinity RCIA Lesson!

The Holy Trinity is undoubtedly the central mystery of the Christian Faith. Obscured in the Old Testament, the revelation of the Son in the New was nothing less than the revelation of the Trinitarian nature of God; the Son reveals the Father, and the Father reveals the Son and His work - the Son, in turn, sends the Spirit, which proceeds also from the Father. This is the Trinitarian mystery that is central to the New Testament and the work of our redemption. This is the core of Christianity. Being the case, it is that much more important that we have a clear understanding of what the Trinity is - and is not - and that those of us involved in parish catechesis can explain this fundamental but sometimes challenging dogma to those studying the Catholic Faith.

That's why this website is now making available a brand new RCIA outline covering all of the essentials of the Catholic doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the nature of God as understood by the Church's Tradition. Drawing on sources from St. Augustine, St.Hilary and St. Thomas to Frank Sheed and Dorothy Sayers, this nine page lesson explains the fundamentals of Catholic Trinitarian dogma, including:

  • The Trinity in Scripture
  • The Church's dogmatic formulations of the teaching
  • Distinction between Nature and Person
  • Attributes of God
  • The Economic and Theological Trinity
  • Appropriation and the Trinitarian works
  • Trinitarian missions
  • Generation and Procession
  • Trinitarian analogies
  • And much more!

Part of the apostolate of the Unam Sanctam Catholicam website is to make high quality, solidly Catholic RCIA notes and outlines available to anyone free of charge. That being said, we do humbly ask for donations of those who download and utilize these free resources. I spent over 200 hours compiling the available RCIA outlines and continue to add new resources whenever I can; $3.00 per course is recommended, but we receive graciously whatever is given.

Hopefully this outline, and our many other free notes and outlines, can make some small difference in helping to form souls in the Catholic Tradition and bring some sanity back to the world.

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