New RCIA Lesson on Church History!

Two important announcements about the free RCIA notes and outlines offered here on Unam Sanctam Catholicam! in the first place, I am happy to announce that we have added another lesson plan to our line-up. After laboring on it for months in my spare time, I have finally managed to pull together the first of what will ultimately be two lesson plans on Catholic Church history. The first lesson plan covers the history of the Church from 33-1054. Now, it is only six pages long, so obviously what we are left with is a very brief overview. Only the most important aspects of Church history are covered, and even those only very summarily. The document serves as an introduction to Church history for someone who knows nothing about the subject and is obviously meant to encourage them to go further. The outline mainly focuses on the history of the Church as an external entity in the world and does not give so much attention to things like spirituality or doctrinal development, though there is a bit of this as well. I hope to get moving on the second installation (1054-Present) a little quicker and eventually include some supplementary material as well.

Church History is often left out of RCIA curricula, but I think it is very important that catechumens receive at least a rudimentary instruction in the main points of our Catholic history, for so much of our Church's identity is bound up with her history and traditions.

To view or download the RCIA Lesson Plan on Catholic Church History 33-1054, please click here!

Second is a more general announcement about the manner in which these lesson plans are made available in general. When I first opened this site, I had nowhere to host the PDFs. I made them available through a service called Keep and Share, which allowed you to look at them but not download them; those who wanted to download had to contact me by email and ask me to send them that way. Then I switched to Media Fire, which allowed downloads, but only after making you download some spammy software. I won't bore you with all the details, but the long and short of it is that there was no way to simply open the PDFs and download them directly.

I am happy to say that after a few long nights reading Joomla forums and fiddling around with the website, I have finally figured out how to host the PDFs directly in such a way that you can open, view, download or print these RCIA lesson plans directly and immediately without any third party program. This will make the material here much more widely available and easy to access, which I am extremely happy about since the RCIA Notes and Outlines page is one of the most frequently viewed pages on this site.

Please check out our inventory of totally free RCIA notes and outlines. There are so many crappy catechetical materials out there; and there are so many shoddy RCIA programs; not only that, there are so many unformed and ignorant RCIA directors out there! The task can seem almost insurmountable, but that is why I make these high quality catechetical materials available for free of charge. That being said, we do beg graciously for a free-will offering if you are downloading these materials for use in a parish or some other setting. Please consider donating! We recommend $3.00 for every lesson plan that you download, but please give as the Lord guides you.