New RCIA Lesson on Vatican II

I know I have not finished the RCIA Church History lesson on 1054-2013 yet, but I got an interesting email from a reader that prompted me to set that aside and work on something a bit different. This person, an RCIA instructor, asked about the best way to present the events of the Second Vatican Council and the post-conciliar era to neophytes. This is a great question, and one that must be baffling to those just entering the Church. Why is there so much dissent in the Church? What did the Council have to do with it? What are we to make of the various critiques of the Council?

From a pedagogical viewpoint, what is needed is a presentation that can explain the historical context of the Council, give a very brief overview of its rationale, documents and themes, take note of the controversies surrounding the Council itself and its implementation, and yet leave the neophyte with a sense of lively hope and confidence, not destroying them by despair or turning them into Sedevacantists, but at the same time without downplaying the crisis.

Oh, and if this is in the context of RCIA, you'd better get it into 50 minutes or less.

This is no easy task, and I don't pretend to have done it perfectly. But if you do want some guidance on this, I have put together a lesson plan on teaching the Second Vatican Council to catechumens and neophytes. It is very rudimentary and presumes the auditors know very little about the Council or its aftermath; but at the same time, I think it hits on many of the very important questions and disposes them to interpret these important historical events in a manner most in keeping with Catholic Tradition. I myself have used this very approach when teaching this issue in RCIA classes and it has worked wonderfully, in my opinion.


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