Archbishop Cordileone Bulletin Insert

Catholics faithful to the Church's traditional moral principles found a new hero last week in the person of the Most Revered Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco. When members of the American homo-lobby, including Nancy Pelosi, bombarded the Archbishop with letters requesting he not participate in the March for Marriage, the Archbishop, rather than cave to the pressure of the American sodomites, Archbishop Cordileone stood his ground and make a very pointed public statement affirming traditional marriage and the importance of standing up against homosexual redefinition of the institution. He went on to participate proudly in the March - unlike the spineless Cardinal Dolan who has nothing better to say about homosexual relationships than "bravo."

Here we present, in a double-sided format ideal for bulletin inserts, select comments of Archbishop Cordileone on the problem of homosexual so-called marriage taken from an interview with USA Today in March, 2013. The bulletin insert is free to download and we encourage traditional minded pastors to make use of it so that the faithful can see that there are at least some members of the hierarchy standing up to the homolobby.

Bulletin insert prepared by Fr. Gerald Gawronski of the Diocese of Lansing, MI.


If you download the bulletin insert, please commit to saying a Hail Mary for the good archbishop.

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