Obscure Saints of the Church


Sure, we are all familiar with the great saints of Catholic history. Francis of Assisi. Augustine of Hippo. Therese of Lisieux. But have you ever heard of Henrik of Uppsala? What about Oswin of Deira, or saints Boris and Gleb? The rolls of the Church's saints are filled with individuals whom we would classify as sancti obscuri, obscure saints, men and women who, for various reasons, have fallen out of the consciousness of the majority of Catholics.

Yet, this ought not the be so. These men and women are indeed saints, deserving of religious veneration and pious study of their lives. St. Thomas Aquinas merits our attention, but so does St. Molaise of Arran; St. Patrick was instrumental in converting Ireland, but no less instrumental was St. Ansgar in converting the Danes. Every saint has made their contribution and every saint deserves to be recognized (and some of these may provide interesting Confirmation names for those of you who want something beyond the average Joans, Teresas and Patricks).

Therefore, let us open up the great rolls of the Church and look at our beloved, if neglected, sancti obscuri!

Aaron of Caerleon
Amand of Flanders

Aristides of Athens
Athwulf of Thorney
Autbert of Mont St. Michel

Beornstan of Winchester
Blane of Scotland

Boris and Gleb

Bregowine of Canterbury
Brice of Tours
Budoc of Dol

Chad of Mercia
Charitina of Amisus
Clotisindis and Kin
Colman of Lindisfarne
Crónán and Crónán
Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

Darerca of Ireland
David of Wales

Eata of Hexham
Edmund the Martyr
Eilmer of Malmesbury
Emilian the Confessor
Enda of Aran
Erconwald of London
Eskil of Strängnäs

Fergus of Downpatrick
Frithona of Canterbury

Fursey of Lagny

Gens du Beaucet
Guthlac of Crowland

Henrik of Uppsala
Herve the Bard
Hybald of Bardney

Idelphonsus of Toledo
Iwig of Lindisfarne

John Gualbert
Jaenbert of Canterbury

Kilian of Iniscaltra

Lambert of Maastricht
Liutwin of Treves

St. Magnus of Orkney
Máedóc of Ferns

Maelurain of Tallaght

Molaise of Arran

Oswin of Deira

Philibert of Jumieges 
Plegmund of Canterbury

Romaric of Remiremont
Rudesind of Celanova

Salvatore Lilli

Tanca of Troyes
Thorfinn of Hamar

Victor the Hermit

Wilfrid of Ripon

Willehad of Bremen