Iwig of Lindisfarne (c. 700)

Almost nothing is known at all about the Northumbrian St. Iwig of Lindisfarne, other than that he died sometime in the very early 8th century and that he was a disciple of the famous St Cuthbert. It appears that, like his fellow Anglo-Saxon St. Boniface, he became a missionary on the continent, for all accounts suggest that he died somewhere in Brittany and was buried there. Some monks of Brittany returned his relics in the 9th century and they were subsequently interred beneath the altar of Saint Eadgyth at Wilton Abbey. He is mentioned in some 10th century litanies, but beyond this there are scant references to him.

The Priory of Ivychurch in Wiltshire is thought to have been named after him. His Feast Day is October 8th.