Introducing Liturgical Quod Libets

I know that we all know that guitars and drums are not proper to use at Mass. I know we all know that the prayers of the Mass cannot be arbitrarily changed, but Holy Water fonts should not be emptied of their contents and replaced with sand during Lent, that lay people should not give blessings at Communion or that it is wrong to replace a sanctuary crucifix with a Resurrected Christ. I know all these things, and I am sure that if you frequent this website, you know them as well. Yet unfortunately these sort of things are the norm in many mainstream Catholic parishes, and the faithful simply accept them because they crave innovation, or possibly just because "Father says its alright." In the confusing fuddle that is modern American Catholic parochial life, where can one go to get straight answers on the ins and outs of the Novus Ordo Mass? It is to address this need that Unam Sanctam Catholicam is launching the LITURGICAL QUOD LIBETS PAGE. What are Liturgical Quod Libets? Read on!

On the Liturgical Quod Libets page, I look at common (and not so common) questions that crop up from time to time in the Novus Ordo and use the teaching of the Church to answer them, citing Magisterial documents when available. As I said, this is not for those who already know the norms of liturgical propriety; rather, I envision it as a sort of outreach tool for those Catholics who are well-meaning but just lack the proper formation. Liturgical Quod Libets is the perfect page to send that friend of yours to who plays guitar during Mass and thinks its wonderful thing, or to refer that misguided priest to who fills his Holy Water fonts with rocks during Lent, or to send that friendly lay woman to who insists on blessing your children when she serves as an EMHC when you are stuck in her line.

There are nine articles on the Liturgical Quod Libets page right now, some new, some brought in from the USC blog. I will undoubtedly add more as time goes on, and anyone else who would like to contribute is welcome. Or, if you have a particular issue you think should be featured on Liturgical Quod Libets, please contact me here.